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    Welcome!  PEAK Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation is built on the philosophy of delivering the best physical therapy to the patient by a professional physical therapist or physical therapy assistant with a continuum of care by the individual therapist or team from the initial patient evaluation to discharge.

    If you are looking for a physical therapy provider, we have a handful of reasons why to choose PEAK Physical Physical:

    1.  Hands-on Physical Therapy Care;

    2.  Consistent and constant supervision from the same provider;

    3.  Customized and specialized therapy for you;

    4.  The most innovative techniques and tools in the area:

    5.  Seamless progression from rehabilitation to fitness.


    Should you have any questions regarding physical therapy, please feel free to stop by, contact us via phone at 757-564-7381 or contact us via email.



    “The first treatment is to teach the patient to avoid what harms them.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Karel Lewitt, MD




    Latest from Our blog:

    MRI Back Scans Do Not Predict if You Need Surgery

    Physical therapist are constantly evaluating and treating patients with back pain.  Individuals usually present to physical therapy with a MRI scan or findings in hand with a myriad of questions.

    Often, patients are seeking alternatives to surgery.  MRI’s are utilized by medical professionals to determine if symptoms may be caused by an abnormality located in or near the spine.  There are times when a MRI shows no abnormality but symptoms are still present.  What should an individual do when this occurs?  Surgery may not be your best option per this article.

    Here is an article published by the Huffington Post worth a read:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/richard-c-senelick-md/sciatica-_b_4098475.html?utm_hp_ref=tw

    If you you are faced with debilitating back pain, surgery may not be your first best option.  Physical therapists should always be a part of your medical team when dealing with back pain.  Should you present with back pain of any sort, seek out a knowledgeable physical therapist who may be able to assist you with your pain and abnormal movement patterns.


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    Williamsburg Snow Day!

    Due to the inclement weather, PEAK Physical Therapy will closed tomorrow, February 17, 2015.  We plan on re-opening on Wednesday.  Enjoy and Be Safe!