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  • Our Philosophy

    Bridging the gap between inpatient or skilled-nursing rehabilitation and true independence, PEAK Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation focuses on a holistic approach to full recovery, encompassing a complete evaluation of the injury and surrounding areas, looking for deficiencies and weaknesses that could have factored in to the injury taking place.

    Our therapists help everyday people as well as athletes looking to bounce back from injury or surgery in the most efficient and effective manner.

    PEAK Physical Therapy is unique in that we are able provide PT as an individual service or part of an integrated program with CORE FITNESS, a first in the tidewater area.


    We take the process personally.

    You are not a patient, but an integral part of the rehab process.  By being fully educated on your condition, you assist in us providing the best possible treatment.

    We invest in all of our clients, whether an active adult wanting to achieve a more physically active lifestyle, an athlete looking to get back into the game, or a police officer trying to get back to duty.  Their goal becomes the goal of our dedicated team. As part of that personal approach, each patient meets individually with a licensed physical therapist, physical therapist assistant, and/or athletic trainer.


    We have a true state-of-the art facility.

    Our 6,000 sq. ft. facility is unique for physical therapy with world-class equipment from industry leaders such as Keiser, Power Plate, Power Rack, WOODWAY, Vertimax, Trigger Point Performance Therapy, we use every inch of space in and around the facility to assist in the therapeutic process.


    It’s a team effort.

    While our therapists plan an integrated treatment plan, they consult with our staff of performance training, soft tissue, and nutrition specialists, as well as a player’s team trainers and sports medicine specialists to ensure a fully integrated recovery plan. Want to train through recovery? Performance specialists and physical therapists develop a combined approach to ensure that recovery and training work simultaneously in order to strengthen the entire body, providing total-body strength and balance, which will help prevent future injuries.


    We help you prevent future injuries with Prehab.

    As part of the recovery process, each patient will learn prehab exercises to reduce the potential for future injury. These exercises will help to continue strengthening weakened areas, while improving flexibility and mobility and decreasing the risk of future injury.  Prehabilitation can also be used prior to surgery to maximize strength and mobility.