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    Welcome!  PEAK Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation is built on the philosophy of delivering the best physical therapy to the patient by a professional physical therapist or physical therapy assistant with a continuum of care by the individual therapist or team from the initial patient evaluation to discharge.

    If you are looking for a physical therapy provider, we have a handful of reasons why to choose PEAK Physical Physical:

    1.  Hands-on Physical Therapy Care;

    2.  Consistent and constant supervision from the same provider;

    3.  Customized and specialized therapy for you;

    4.  The most innovative techniques and tools in the area:

    5.  Seamless progression from rehabilitation to fitness.


    Should you have any questions regarding physical therapy, please feel free to stop by, contact us via phone at 757-564-7381 or contact us via email.

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    Latest from Our blog:

    The BodyFloat difference

    The BodyFloat difference

    I was very excited to get the BodyFloat out of the box, onto my bike, tuned up, and on the road.  It was very well packaged and labeled with easy to read instructions.  Charlie, one of the owners of BodyFloat, personally reached out to me to see if I had any questions or concerns and if so, to contact him right away.  Awesome customer service!

    IMG_7502 IMG_7511IMG_7507

    After un-boxing the BodyFloat, I put it on the scale to see the true weight difference between it and my Specialized FACT carbon CG-R post.  My Specialized post weighed around 9 ounces and my carbon BodyFloat was 16.08 ounces.  The difference between the two was that the BodyFloat was just a hair over 7 ounces heavier.  Heavier yes, but not a deal-breaker if it lives up to their promise.  Heck, I could make that up by skipping a few desserts or beverages.

    I’ve noticed there is a small give on my stock post but not enough to provide 3 hr+ rides without back discomfort/tightness.  With the BodyFloat springs, there was much more movement, not sloppy, but controlled in a gradient manner.IMG_7515IMG_7521The top picture is my Specialized post while the bottom picture is the BodyFloat.  I do love the fact the BodyFloat springs provided are orange and the frame is black matching my bike perfectly.  In a couple of days, I will be taking it on a test ride and report back to you on it’s ride.  Stay tuned!


    It’s Here!

    I just received my new seatpost from the amazing crew of Cirrus Cycles in Washington state.  It’s a BodyFloat Isolation Seatpost.

    FullSizeRender 2







    Most of you haven’t seen this type of bicycle seatpost.  It’s a one-of-a-kind seatpost, where you as a rider is suspended, allowing the bike to move underneath you.  They term as “Isolation Seatpost” because you, the rider, is isolated from high frequency vibrations of the road surface.  They also claim it reduces back fatigue. This post may not only benefit cyclist who are looking for increasing their performance from decreased fatigue, but may also allow cycling to be more enjoyable by the average cyclist and even allowing those with back pain to once again go for a ride.

    bodyfloat1In the upcoming days, I will be un-boxing, installing, and providing my feedback on this device.  Should it pass my mini-tests, I will keep it installed on my bike as I tackle the Dirty Kanza 200 this June.

    Preparing for a healthy and active 2016!

    As we begin the near calendar year, many of us make a new year’s resolution of “losing weight” or “being more active” to try and return to a more healthy lifestyle. Although it sounds like a great idea, it can be very difficult for people to prepare and maintain the changes they want to make whether it’s eating a better diet, maintaining a workout schedule, or attempting to stop our bad, unhealthy habits. When it comes both physical wellness as well as prevention of injuries or diseases, the physical therapy profession plays a prominent role in this area. Physical therapy would be a great outlet for people attempting to improve not only their physical health, but mentality of themselves and their lifestyle. Here are some ways physical therapy can help you prepare and accomplish your new healthy goals for the year:

    • Perform a full body assessment including ROM, functional strength, and other mobility and stability assessment to give you the information on your impairments and deficits
    • Collaborate and develop a plan of care program to based on both the client and physical therapist’s goals
    • Educate you on the proper exercise regimen including technique and function to accomplish goals both safely and successfully
    • Utilize skills and information in behavior changes to improve your overall lifestyle
    • Communication with the client throughout the program to give them the motivation, education, and support to maintain and continue with their plan of care


    Please feel free to contact Peak Physical Therapy for more information on how we can assist you in reach your goals in 2016!