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  • Be Well…Stay Well!

    PEAK Physical Therapy is introducing a pro-active and client-specific program to the Tidewater Area: Physio-Wellness Program. Rather than following the current standard medical model of re-active medicine, we are providing the ability to be pre-emptive with your health. Often, our health suffers from preventable issues that have been ignored for too long. The purpose of this program is to address correctable physical dysfunctions that prevent you from being and staying well.
    One of our physical therapists will guide you through a thorough assessment, providing you an accurate snapshot of your current movement and cardiovascular state. This evaluation determines your Health and Wellness Score. Armed with this score, you will be instructed on your specific Home Performance Program (HPP) to safely and efficiently overcome your limitations. Once the corrections have been made, you will be provided with additional strategies to make progress toward your health goals.
    It is completely your choice as to how to utilize this program. There are no boundaries to this program, and you can be seen yearly, bi-yearly, quarterly, or even monthly. So, call and schedule today. Your health depends on it! Be Well! Stay Well!